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About the Artist


Andonnia has always been a lover of art. As a little girl she fell in love with markers, pencils, pens, paints, ceramics, and almost any art tool she could get her hands on. With the passing of time, she's danced, played instruments, sung beautiful music, and since fourth grade - composed poetry. 


The beautiful merger of art and words that calligraphy and hand-lettering provides is just like "home". Annlettered was birthed from a familiar place. Simply put, Annlettered is a fusion of two things she loves... words and art!


As an artist, Andonnia seeks to make the world a more beautiful place one day at a time. There is a piece of Andonnia's essence in everything she creates. It is because ART matters. Life is a canvas for art to embody. Art is the way my spirit speaks. Calligraphy and paintings are a primary source of expression, but more artistic creations evolve year after year. 

Andonnia is currently based out of the Houston Metropolitan area.


Artist Photo Credit: iPoetic Photography

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